What paintings do I offer at the Temper Studio?

My original works.

I started with techniques from the old masters, but my own artistic explorations have given rise to new forms based on my unique techniques that allow me to express myself best. I enjoy artistic exploration and experimenting with various techniques and technologies. Just like me, my art lives and evolves. Some of my works are available for purchase, while all of them can be viewed. You’ll find them under the “Original Works” section.


Art Reproductions and Icons.

Many paintings, especially the older ones, can be reproduced. These are artworks with “freed copyrights.” These usually include the paintings we learned about in school while studying masterpieces of art. I enjoy reproducing them because each gesture and step in this process teaches me how to approach the ideal, striving for the greatness of the Masters. Creating a good reproduction requires an understanding of the artist who created the original work and knowledge of the techniques they employed. Reproduction is a pathway to understanding and a dialogue that I engage in with what was created “yesterday.”


In respecting the old Masters, I meticulously replicate the original process of creating their works. I don’t just copy; I also age the painting. Here, I utilize my conservatorial experience and the knowledge I’ve accumulated over 20 years of work. I am familiar with and understand terms like “lean tempera,” “fat tempera,” on wood, canvas, or oil-resin on wood. I use them in line with contemporary spirit, ensuring the best possible fidelity in the reproductions.


Icons are my passion. I don’t write them, I only paint them. I don’t attribute spiritual qualities to them, only artistic skills. Yet, here too, I adhere to historical methods and techniques, working with egg tempera on wood for traditional medieval methods. Have I mentioned that I’m proud of my technical skills? Most likely, but I believe it’s worth mentioning again. I also perform gilding, both matte and polished, and use engraving techniques. Backgrounds can be punched or aged. If you’re interested in the reproductions I’ve done, take a look at the “Portfolio” section.



It’s often said that “a copy speaks,” that “paintings inspire, teach, and guide.” But what if you’re unsure which painting speaks to you, which one might inspire you? If you feel the desire to have something beautiful and valuable on your wall but aren’t sure exactly what it should be, take a look at my very subjective list of artworks I’ve prepared for you. Check out the “Wishlist” section. You’re sure to find something that moves you. If you know what you want or if you’d like to discuss your choice, write to me. I’ll be glad to assist you. Together, we’ll definitely find an artwork that’s yours.

Pracownia Temper Ewa Kociuba obraz
Trójca Święta

Services are provided by Ewa Kociuba, a certified art conservator.

Why should you choose artworks from the Temper Studio? There are several reasons:

– First and foremost, art is my passion, my life, and my profession. It’s something I’ve dedicated myself to since childhood, continuously learning.

– My works are created using top-quality materials in a professionally equipped studio in Krakow.

– Each painting I create at the Temper Studio is signed and sealed with a stamp confirming my credentials as an art conservator. This means that my offer and work are backed by thorough 6-year studies in painting techniques and technologies, material studies, conservation, and art history. My degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow is supplemented by over 20 years of practical painting and conservation experience gained while working on real historic objects. Additionally, I bring my own original techniques, evolved from what the best in this field taught me.

Pricing Offer:

Talking about money is always the trickiest part. In my opinion, it’s best to address this concern very quickly and directly. Art isn’t just my passion; it fills most of my life and is my profession. That’s why I’ve provided indicative pricing for works from my portfolio and my original paintings. You can find sample pricing in the “Pricing” section. For other orders, I provide individual estimates after a thorough analysis of the order or inquiry. The better you define your vision, the easier it will be for me to give you the price for your commissioned artwork.


Curious about what makes up the price you’ll pay? It’s an honest question. You’re paying for my talent – that’s fundamental. A glance at the “Portfolio” and “Original Works” sections should confirm that. Furthermore, you’re paying for the assurance that the work you’ve commissioned has been created by someone who has invested time into studies and has continuously refined their craft over more than two decades of professional work.


Another component of the price is my experience. Your painting will be unique, but it won’t be the first one I’ve painted. I’ve been running the Temper Studio for ten years. During this productive decade, I’ve not only developed as a painter and artist but have also focused on continuously enhancing my creative workshop. I’m constantly deepening my knowledge of how the old Masters painted, studying materials, and creating my own techniques for aging and modification.


Lastly – although this is also tremendously important and a source of pride for me – you’re paying for the highest-quality materials, excellent tools, without which nothing beautiful can be created, and for shipping with museum-grade standards.

How to Order, the Process, and Shipping?

Here’s a step-by-step look at the order process:

  • First of all, if you’re wondering whether to place an order, if you’re unsure of what you want, if you have the slightest doubts but feel the need to own a work of art, write or call. I’ll be glad to answer all your questions (well, not all. I won’t answer questions about the meaning of life or politics 😉). I approach each painting very individually. The more information I gather from you at this initial stage, the better I’ll be able to do my job.


  • After our initial conversation and understanding your needs and artistic aspirations, I will send you an offer with a detailed estimate and a description of the techniques I will use to create the artwork for you. You will receive this estimate within a few days.


  • Order placement is done via email. This is so, Dear Customer, that both you and I have all agreements and order details documented. This will help us avoid any misunderstandings that could arise if we didn’t clarify everything upfront.


  • After establishing the key details: the artwork, its dimensions, technique, deadline, and price, we sign a civil-law contract (without sensitive data). At this stage, I collect a deposit of around 30% of the final price.


  • Each copy is an autonomous work of art! Keep that in mind. Its creation takes around 4-12 months. The timeline depends on the number of works in my queue and the amount of work I’ll need to put into the piece you’ve ordered.


  • The production time doesn’t mean “nothing is happening at the beginning.” Quite the opposite! During this time, the painting is already taking shape. I order materials and canvases well in advance, which usually also requires a few months of waiting. Highest quality requires patience, but thanks to reliable suppliers and skilled artisans, I can ensure top-quality work.


  • At the right time, I begin what is the “concrete work.” Each painting demands a slightly different mode of work, creation, and painting. During this time, I adapt and harmonize with the original, the artist’s temperament, and technique. It’s like tuning an instrument before a concert.


  • When the painting is ready, I send its photos. At this stage, you can still provide feedback and request revisions. I’m more than willing to consult with you during this final stage of work. What can be changed at that point? For example, the degree of shading, aging, etc.


  • Once you approve the final result, you make the remaining payment to my account.


  • After that, your painting is ready for pickup. You can personally pick it up at the Temper Studio or request courier delivery. In the latter case, your painting will be prepared for the journey like a museum object. I pack the painting in a custom-made wooden case, describe it, and send it.